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On the map - innovative piano building projects we are developing 2018 / 2019.

The Una Corda EL (Extra Light)

This version of the Una Corda Piano is scheduled for prototyping by the end of 2018, first instruments set for delivery from February / March 2019. The Una Corda Extra Light will have 3 ½ octaves only and will be an ideal „piano-addition“ for touring artists.

The Una Corda CE (Carbon Edition)

We are in the process of conducting studies to replace the stainless steel frame with a carbon fiber frame concept, to make it even lighter, first results are pretty much promising. Updates on the progress of this version will be found on our website.

The Una Corda Concert

This instrument will be built only for our own studio recordings - more information soon to come…

The Model 408 is a horizontal concert grand piano, its acoustic design based on the Model 370. Due to the extreme expenses of manufacturing the prototype of this model, its further development is presently postponed.

In cooperation with the British pianist Sarah Nicolls, who pursues a piano with the total sounding area of the strings to be accessible for additional sound modification, we are developing and building the next generation Inside-Out Piano.

If you have specific ideas for a custom made piano you’re always welcome to present them to our company. We will investigate the viability of your ideas and surely respond to every suggestion.

The Klavins M408

Custom Design Pianos - The Inside-Out Piano