Building a 450cm/14 ft 9 in tall concert piano probably brings up a lot of questions - why, for what reason, to which end?

Short and sweet: because of the sound – for artists and enthusiasts, to reach new dimensions of dynamics and sound color; for those for whom  the supposed best never has been good enough; for those with limitless creativity who seek, love, and are excited by new possibilities.

Due to its vertiical construction and other particular traits, this instrument lends itself to fixed installation in the same manner that an organ is permanently installed in a building in order to reach the instrument’s maximum concert dimensions.

The Klavins Model 450i is the incarnation of uncompromised, indescribable piano sound – the excitement is building!

Technical Specifications

Height: 4500 mm / 14 ft 9 in

Width: 2200 mm / 7 ft 22 in

Depth: 290 mm / 11.42  in

Steel frame

Double soundboard

Straight stringing

Longest string: 3901 mm / 12 ft 9.5 in

Paulello Piano Wire

Action: custom made

Keyboard: 88 keys, custom made, with mineral keytops

Hammerheads by ABEL

Weight: approx. 980 kg / 2160 lb


Model M450 Berlin Version - Free-standing


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