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New Dimension of Pianobuilding

- The Klavins-Piano Model 370 -

In October 1987 the "Klavins-Piano Model 370" (370 cm high) was introduced to the public. Until today this instrument represents an absolute novum by several means, being an unique example of substantial progress on a field where nothing really new has happened for more than 120 years now.

The "Klavins-Piano" has to be understood as the first step on a way of fundamental research and experimental work, to consequently explore new dimensions of piano sound. Piano builder David Klavins says: "There is no reason to name today's concert grand pianos the Non Plus Ultra of piano making, in particular, taking in account the new and fantastic possibilities that are offered by the development on the field of material physics, which has progressed tremendously during the past 15 years."

In the past, many attempts were made to introduce new piano designs - particularly in the 19th century. When what we know today as the concert grand piano was created it represented a revolutionary advance over previous piano designs. The concert grand offered considerable advantages both with regard to acoustics and mechanics. Pianists and the concert-going public were justifiably enthusiastic at that time.

More than 120 years have passed since this piano was first introduced. In the course of the 20th century there has been no significant development of its acoustical and mechanical characteristics. Why? Pursuing this matter further is an interesting task.

However, the "Klavins-Piano" certainly proves that, “the piano", as such, is still far from having attained its full potential, particularly as regards acoustics. It goes without saying that the Klavins piano is not perfect in every respect. There is a need to continue to experiment, check results and then apply them in practice. However, this new piano design constitutes a first step towards the further development of the piano in keeping with its importance in the history of musical culture.

The Pianist Michael Ponti says:

"The unique size of the piano has an overwhelming effect on me. When I sit at the "Klavins" and play, it seems incomparably more impressive than anything I have ever experienced before. I think Mr. Klavins has succeeded in developing an instrument that will satisfy the highest standards of piano playing. In addition, its magnificent sound is an enrichment of the spectrum of instruments available to the pianist."

The "Klavins-Piano Model 370" is a one-of-its-kind instrument - the Worlds Biggest Piano: its soundboard has twice the size of a concert grand of 2,75 m,  it weighs 2 t, the longest string has only 3 mm of diameter and a speaking length of 3,03 m; the action is custom made for this instrument by the famous piano action manufacturer "Renner" in Stuttgart, Germany. It has been listed as well in the German edition of the "Guinness Book Of Records".

Up to now there have been 18 Cds recorded and published, using the "Klavins-Piano".

In October 2013 construction of the next upright concert grand has commenced, the KLAVINS Model 450i - close to 15 feet tall. You can read more about it at the tab MODEL 450i.