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Here you’ll find some interesting links regarding pianos, pianists, and music…

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Nils Frahm: „Take a dose of Eno’s experimentation, Satie’s accessible romanticism, Keith Jarrett’s physicality, and maybe Apparat or Pantha du Prince’s ear for a minimal, electronic hook and you’re drifting somewhere close to the truth. Still, the joy in Frahm’s music is that it ultimately defies definition — he’s a freshly cut and shifting product of his influences rather than a mere reflection.“ - Says Matt Shea of the VINE Music. You should see (hear) for yourself… On his upcoming tour 2015 Nils will feature the Una Corda Piano as well.

The VSTi “The Giant”, the digital version of the Klavins Model 370:


An extensive report of Nils Frahm’s Una Corda presentation June 10, 2014 in Berlin:



MassiveMusic is an Amsterdam based Music Agency.

„MassiveMusic produces and composes music for the worlds of advertising, broadcast design, interactive and film.“

In September 2015 MM released their latest work - the new sonic logo for UBS, created by using the Klavins Model 370: